Welcome to The Mullany Fund

The Mullany Fund is an educational charity that works to address the lack of social mobility within the healthcare professions.
Our objective is to inspire and support young people into careers in medicine and other related healthcare professions.

In 2010, the OECD reported that the UK has a worse social mobility record than other developed countries. The Going for Growth report found Britain showed the strongest link between an individual’s and their parents earnings.

Helping Young People Climb The Ladder of Opportunity

Currently, only 11% of UK doctors are from the lowest socio-economic group.   If this low social mobility continues, the talents of thousands of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds will be wasted because of the practical and perceptual barriers they face.

Our vision is of a nation where talented, motivated individuals are not excluded from a career in medicine or healthcare because of poverty or any other disadvantage.

We feel that access to knowledge is key to widening access to education. Not all young people have the social networks around them to make informed choices.

The Mullany Fund Ementoring Project

We are proud and excited to be launching in September 2011 our ementoring project. This project seeks to fill this gap by providing a trusted, impartial, independent source of information, advice and guidance.

Our unique web platform creates links between school pupils who are interested in a career in medicine or physiotherapy, and an undergraduate or professional studying or working in that area.

Conducted via email, it offers online content and high security, ensuring that mentees and mentors are safe, supported and engaged.

This project will support young people in years 9-13 from socially disadvantaged backgrounds who are interested in studying medicine or allied healthcare higher education courses.