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  1. 128
    Rebecca Says:

    Ben you and your family will always be in my heart, never forgotton.

  2. 127
    Lorraine Bell Says:

    Our thoughts are with your families today on your 5th wedding anniversary :( never forgotten even though we only met you briefly x

  3. 126
    fusion machine Says:

    My sincere condolences to Cath and Ben’s family,
    May Cath and Ben rest in peace together,
    God bless them both.

  4. 125
    Morten Nilssen Says:

    My sincere condolences to Cath and Ben’s families. On January 19,2010 my daughter Nina was murdered on Antigua. I feel a deep sense of understanding and sympathy with the families. May Cath, Ben and Nina Rest In Peace.

    Best of luck with the foundation.

    Many Blessings

  5. 124
    Charlotte Boyer Says:

    I studied physiotherapy with Ben at the University of the West of England and now i live and work in Singapore. Something today made me think of Ben and i’m sure there’s not a day goes by that all is friends and family don’t think of him, but i just wanted to say that he’s not forgotten. Not now and not ever.

  6. 123
    Lorraine Says:

    I just wanted to say I am thinking of both families at this time while the trial is on xxx

  7. 122
    jacki Says:

    Still find it hard to believe this could have happened to you. Ben you were always laughing and such a truly wonderful person, i know Cath must have been equally as wonderful for you to choose as your partner. the world lost two beautiful people and for what. i hope you are with each other and still laughing. xxx

  8. 121
    Charlotte pittuck Says:

    My husband amd I got married and honeymooned at the same time as Ben and Cath and so this awful tragedy was even more poignant to my family and I. I cannot imagine what pain the families have had to bear. My thoughts are very much with you. Although nothing can ever take away the pain an I know that when you are actually in the heart of grief that words are of little comfort. Their wedding and honeymoon up until that horrific incident would have been the happiest time in their lives, treasure those beautiful memories of their wedding day. Life can be so cruel and unjust but it looks like they lived it to it’s fullest and their untimely death came at a time when they had love and happiness in their heart and we must be grateful for the fact they found each other in life. I hope you find the strength to smile and laugh when you think of the happy times you undoubtedly shared together and I hope those memories one day can help to overcome you pain, anger and sadness.


  9. 120
    sarah parsons Says:

    Cath was my friend she was such a lovely soulful person I still miss her been to visit her and ben yesterday wish they were still here and this terrible thing never happened they are still in my thoughts today and always x

  10. 119
    Lorraine Says:

    Thinking of you and your families today on your 2nd Wedding Anniversary xxxx

  11. 118
    Bee Says:

    I just heard about this. I am so sadden by their murders.

    They are together now in eternal peace. They feel no pain and are safe from all the evils on Earth. A true love that no one can take away from them…ever.

  12. 117
    Polly Rosier Says:

    Cath was my dads medical student and she came and lived with us for 2 weeks a while back, she was the only one to come back and see us after her training was done, we all miss her very much, i remember her teaching me to do gymnastics when she visited us one summer. I have a photo of me, my little sister and Cath in my bed room, it has been there for about 6 years now and it is never coming down.

  13. 116
    sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  14. 115
    Helen Clarke Says:

    A year on and you are are all in my thoughts.
    I had the privilege to live with Ben in halls at UWE. Ben was the first person I met at Uni and was supportive and a good friend from that instant. Cath was beautiful and always friendly, it was a true pleasure to know them.
    Much love and God bless x

  15. 114
    kelly & jamie Says:

    I wanted to express my heartfelt sympathy to Ben & catherines families on this 1 year anniverary. RIP x x

  16. 113
    Kelly Jones Says:

    Cath and Ben

    Tragically taken 1 year ago today

    Cath you were one of the most inspirational women i have ever had the privileage of knowing. I never got to thank you enough for everything you did for my family and most of all my precious son connor. You will be greatly missed…

    Ben i did not have the privilage of meeting you but i know deep down you were a special person like catherine who was dedicated to helping others. Such a special couple…

    Thinking of you both, our thoughts and prayers go out to both families

    All it takes is a passing shadow
    as a cloud moves across the sun
    To remind us that yesterdays has gone
    and a new day has begun
    For although the blossoms may tumble
    and leaves scatter in the breeze,
    What will never, ever fade
    is the precious memories

    We think about what might have been
    and why the fates allow
    The happiness of former days
    to be touched with sadness now

    But like the ending of the day
    just after the sun has set
    We know that deep within our hearts
    we never will forget
    And that is when we realise,
    the footsteps that they left behind
    Though they cant be filled, hold memories
    the warmest, most wonderful kind

    God Bless you both, Forever in our thoughts

    From the family of Connor Mitchell

    X X X

  17. 112
    Lorraine Bell Says:

    A year ago today a lot of lives were changed.
    Our thoughts are with your families at this sad time.
    We will never forget you Ben and Catherine xxx

  18. 111
    Angie Jones Says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all today. xx

  19. 110
    Rob Hamer Says:

    I used to work with Ben during his time with South Yorkshire Police, knew him a little before but really got the chance to know him at training School. He was a good guy always up for a laugh and we managed to give him the nick name of muscles mullany, I remember as he walked into the class room we would all do our body building repertoire ben used to just shake his head and laugh. Good memories, anyway I was just thinking about old times so I thought i would post this, hes probably up their in his shorts and flip flops looking down on us all.

  20. 109
    Carol Winder Says:

    although British, I have lived in Greece for many years now. during a lazy moment one day at work I logged on the Internet to read the news headlines. when I read about Catherine and Ben Mullany I was deeply deeply shocked. I even called my parents in England that night to ask them what had happened. Even now, it still seems unbelievable that such a tragedy could happen. My thoughts and my prayers go to this wonderful couple, and to their parents and families. I also pray that the Mullany Fund will do great things for those who intend to follow in the medical professions. It is so very sad that two intelligent, kind, caring and loving people were taken from this life at such a young hopeful age, but I am sure that what your Fund is doing will benefit many, and that Cath and Ben would not have wished any differently.
    May God Bless you Catherine and Benjamin, your parents and all your families and friends. xxx

  21. 108
    zac and miley Says:

    hi guys rip love zac
    hi dear ben and cath r.i.p have a good time in you lives miley

  22. 107
    Sarah Says:

    I am so pleased to see that this fund has been set up. It is lovely to see Ben and Catherine did not loose their young lives in vain. To both their parents you must be soo proud of what they both achieved in their lives, including the love they found for eachother. I visited Antigua in November, they where both in my thoughts the whole time i was there.
    Rest in Peace Ben and catherine, the whole nation will be proud to raise money for such a fantastic cause in your honour!

    Rest in peace x x x

  23. 106
    Kerri Says:

    I am so glad to see that a memorial fund has been established in memory of Cath and Ben. I’ve thought of them many times during the last year. As a 32 year old I recently celebrated my one year anniversary. My husband and I spent our honeymoon at Coco’s. Peace be with you from Kansas.

  24. 105
    Neil Says:

    At this time of the year,especially Christmas,my thoughts are with Cath and Ben.The tradegy are still clear in my mind.But now at least I know that they are celebrating Christmas in heaven with our Holy Jesus.Even though they are not with us now,I still have to wish them Merry Christmas becos I know they are reading all this comments.
    To Ben’s family,Merry Christmas
    To Cath’s family ,also Merry Christmas and keep on believing in God,for we all know that Cath and Ben are in HIS care.

  25. 104
    Cathy Gately Says:

    I read this story on the BBC News and was very saddened!!!! You can see the kindness of this young couple in their faces!! All I can say is the Fund is a wonderful tribute to bring about goodness out of a profoundly sad and disturbing event!!! We must believe in the immortality of love and that somewhere Ben and Catherine are in that vacuum of eternal love, joy, and peace!! God bless their families!!

  26. 103
    Amanda Says:

    My thoughts continue to be with Cath and Ben’s families. I had the honour of working with Cath who was a great person and also a great Doctor. This charity is such a great way to remember them both.

  27. 102
    Jill Says:

    Cath and Ben are often in my thoughts and my deepest sympathy go to their families and friends who will be going through the most difficult time. The Fund is a great idea to help their memory live on and I will continue to support it.

  28. 101
    Claire Says:

    My thoughts continue to be with you all … may this charity provide something fantastic from this great tradgedy.

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